The Simple Path Memory Chest. A wonderful tribute to your loved one, handcrafted by the artisans of Kittinger Furniture

Included in your purchase of the Simple Path is the piece that is a fitting tribute to your loved one, and sure to become a treasured family heirloom – the Simple Path Memory Chest.

The Memory Chest is designed and handcrafted by the world-renowned artisans of Kittinger Furniture, exclusively for the Simple Path. The Kittinger name has been synonymous with quality for over 150 years – a standard that has made Kittinger the trusted provider of high quality furnishings for the White House, the United States Capitol, the Supreme Court, and foreign heads of state.

The solid wood Memory Chest is constructed by the Kittinger artisans using only the finest imported mahogany and domestic redwood, hand-selected to ensure its unparalleled quality. Each chest’s distinctive appearance is then assured through the application of a 21-step proprietary process that creates the signature “Kittinger Finish,” which is accented by the chest’s polished brass lock and hinges.

Within the Memory Chest, the velvet-lined lid and removable tray creates the ideal space for your most treasured photos and mementos of your loved one. Beneath the tray, the inner-lid contains your “letter to the future” provides clear, simple direction regarding your final wishes for your loved one’s remains to whoever is in possession of the beautiful chest – family, friends or caretakers. The inner lid’s other brass plate allows you to write a personalized message of tribute to your loved one.  In the Memory Chest’s inner chamber, the cremated remains of your loved one can be discreetly and securely kept, along with mementos that may be too large for the tray.

With the Simple Path, there is finally a way to honor your loved one, keep them close, safe and protected for as long as you wish, while at the same time, securing their future.