I Have My Loved One’s Ashes at Home

I want to make sure they have a protected place of rest when I'm gone.

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I Want to Plan My Cremation

I don’t want to leave a burden for my family

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Finally...a solution to a very common problem.

Following cremation, family members often find comfort in having their loved one’s ashes with them at home.  But, typically they end up in a closet, drawer or other place hidden away.  Is that dignified for someone we love?

And at some point the person caring for the ashes will no longer able to do so. What happens then?

Finally…there’s a solution to these problems…The Simple Path…The all new, secure, comforting, wise and dignified approach to the choices following cremation – for today, tomorrow and the future.

This all new, never before available option is the “simple path” to:

COMFORT in keeping your loved one close to you at home – for as long as you wish;

HONORING your loved one in a beautiful, personal, respectful new way, along with your most cherished photos and mementos;

PEACE of MIND knowing that there is a beautiful, protected place of rest reserved for your loved one and yourself.

Coming soon...

If you and your loved one enjoyed spending time in your garden/outdoor living space, you’ll soon be able to ensure that your loved one can remain with you in that treasured place.

Watch for more details soon about the Simple Path – Garden.